We are a group of designers who are inspired by every project because of its unknown possibilities. Life is never static and our designs follow suit. At Hickok Cole Lifestyle, we toil to create a signature identity for every project because each one deserves it. Our constant goal is to create thoughtful, compelling and distinctive environments that people will enjoy and remember. We design for the life you love.



Rhea Vaflor, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C

Director of Lifestyle, Associate Principal

I am inspired by:

  • Curious and soulful things

  • Walkabouts

  • Anime and Science Fiction

  • Laughter, joy and our humanity


Tammy Lippman, Assoc. IIDA

Senior Associate

I am inspired by:

  • Family and Friends

  • New Adventures / Travel

  • Fine Art

  • Collaborations

  • Light

  • Nature

  • Culture

  • Graphic Design

  • Fashion

  • Architecture

  • Texture

  • Everyday day life


Tais Xavier, AIA, LEED AP BD+C


I am inspired by:

  • Working with talented designers and architects

  • Improving people’s lives through an excellent design that is tailored to their lifestyle

  • Implementing my architecture and real estate background in interior spaces

  • Overcoming design challenges

  • New cutting edge design

  • Creating innovative projects

  • Using traditional materials and finishes in an untraditional way

  • Delivering projects with a very high level of design and sustainability

  • Superseding client’s expectations

  • Implementing latest technologies in a project

  • Rethinking design approach to best suit client’s need


Johanna Lofstrom, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

I am inspired by:

  • Travel

  • Architecture

  • Pattern

  • Texture

  • Color


Kelly Zimmer

I am inspired by:

  • Friends & family

  • Nature

  • Food

  • Vacation/ trips/travel

  • Places

  • Other cultures

  • The future (the hope of a better one, with more peace and love and less violence and war)

  • Architecture

  • Pinterest/arts and crafts

  • Life; being alive and be able to see the sun every day

EAG 1-bw.jpg

Emily Giannone, RA, LEED GA

I am inspired by:

  • Traveling the world

  • Trying new cuisines

  • Vintage and thrift shopping

  • Exploring the city

  • Family & friends

Emily Rickman, LEED AP

I am inspired by:

  • Music and the interaction between live performers

  • Laughter and the connection it brings

  • Fine art

  • Fringe lifestyles and their unique influence

  • Community and wellbeing